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All our products are handcrafted in Albany, New York, USA.

We are dedicated to performing quality product practices.

Made with natural organic ingredients, supporting our local communities, and being as environmentally sustainable as possible.

MEET Samantha

Hello, thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Samantha, I have been using natural and organic oils and herbs for skin, hair, and natural home remedies for myself, family, and friends for 20 years.


What started it all?  After high school, I attended Capri Beauty Institute. There I learned about skin and nail care while obtaining my manicuring state board license. A few years later, I met my husband who has Eczema.  My son and daughter were also born with severe Eczema. This skin condition affects each of them in different ways and places, with very different sensitivity triggers.


This began my challenging journey to search for products to soothe and moisturize their conditions. However, stores sell overpriced sensitive skin products with questionable contents, often exacerbating symptoms. Prescriptions have unknown ingredients, and a slew of side effects, with few results. I was driven to research herbology, aromatherapy, essential oils, and all-natural remedies that were actually effective. With much trial and error, I have developed several treatments that worked for them.


Using this knowledge, I also applied it to my own beauty routines in an effort to keep my skin young and healthy. After battling cancer twice, the radiation and chemotherapy had some lasting effects on my skin. Creating simple natural products that hydrate, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin, hair, and nails became a passion for me. Now I’m sharing them with you!

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My Accredidations & Affiliations

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MEET Holly

Holly is our cosmetologist consultant for Harmony.


She is also my daughter.  Since Holly was little she was always fascinated with my makeup and nail polish.  She would often sit and polish her father's nails and pretend to do his hair.  As she became a teenager she would happily give him haircuts.  She grew up always wanting to try new hairstyles, beauty trends and is always, always, trying new hair colors.  So it was no surprise that when she found out her high school offered Cosmetology, she signed up immediately.

During high school, Holly studied three years of Cosmetology and one year of Science of Cosmetology. During that time she earned her certification in Lash Extensions.  She was also the shop manager for the school salon and a mentor for first-year students.  Holly is continuing her education at Hudson Valley Community College in the field of Psychology. She is also currently pursuing courses in Nail Care & Treatment.

As I mentioned, Holly suffers from severe eczema.  Her skin is extremely sensitive.  Even mild store-bought unscented products give her a skin reaction.  Full of ideas and eagerness, she works with me as a professional consultant when developing a new product, as well as being the first to test our products for skin sensitivity.  This is just another step in her journey of Cosmetology.  Her dream is to one day open her own salon.

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My Accredidations & Affiliations

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